We created BMA for ourselves at Aegis, for our clients, business partners and any others who do business in and with Asia during the COVID19 crisis. We plan to update on an ongoing basis and at least weekly at this stage while COVID19 is so dynamic.

It is clear that COVID19 is going to be a fact of life for some time to come and so with BMA we hope to provide an easy reference on what is and is not possible when traveling and working across Asia. 

We also focus on Investigations as that is our main business and is the information we need the most. We use a combination of OSINT and HUMINT in creating and updating the site. So please feel free to connect with us to help improve the accuracy and completeness of the data as it is there for everyone to use. These include direct connections of ours in-country, Embassy sites, various Foreign Affairs and other sources such as WHO etc.

Finally, please check with local authorities before making any decisions about travel as we cannot guarantee that our information is correct at exactly the time you refer to it. Generally, please refer to your own Departments of Foreign Affairs/equivalent or your own in-country Embassy of the subject locations.

You can connect to us directly through aegisinteraktifasia.com or enquiries@aegisinteraktifasia.com